I have started several blogs over the years, but I have never stuck to it. I have been thinking about it more and more recently though for a couple reasons. First, I am currently a stay-at-home wife due to difficultly finding work in my field after relocating to Oahu. We are set to leave Oahu sometime between March and July 2016, so this also makes it problematic for me to find a job, since I will not be here very long. I feel this might be a good creative outlet to use during this time off of full-time work. Also, my husband and I go on as many adventures as we can with his work schedule, and this is a great place to document these outings.

This has been a crazy, great year. My husband and I were married February 28th in Western Pennsylvania. I graduated with my Master of Public Health degree in Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at PITT in April. I was able to do a lot of  great traveling this summer with my mom, brother, and dad, while my husband was deployed. I moved to Oahu in late-October after my husband returned from his deployment.

This month my husband and I will be traveling to the island of Kauai and back home to Pennsylvania for the start of the holidays. I can’t wait to share our adventures! 🙂