Kauai- Day 3

I was really excited for Day 3 on Kauai because we were going to Waimea Canyon and going on a sunset cruise to the breathtaking Na Pali Coast.

With the hotel right on the beach and on the east side of the island, we had the perfect opportunity to watch the sunrise. There is nothing quite like a sunrise… watching the new day come to life. It was a perfect view!


Our first activity of the day was the long 1 1/2 hour drive to Waimea Canyon, nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. The drive was so worth the amazing views you see on this drive. There are numerous overlooks of the ocean and the canyon during the drive beginning once you get onto Route 550. It is a winding road and you have to go slow (due to the road and so you do not miss the overlooks). There are several hikes you are able to do at the canyon. We were planning on doing the one, but, with my husband’s knee issue, we weren’t able to do it. Seriously, the beauty of this canyon cannot even be described adequately, so I will just leave you with the slideshow below.


View of the Forbidden Island


Our next stop was lunch at the Port Allen Sunset Grill & Bar. Originally, our plan was to go to the Kauai Island Brewery & Grill, but they were closed that day. It worked out though because this restaurant was great! I ordered the chicken wrap and fries. My husband got one of the daily specials with a variety of seafood. I tried the scallops on his order, and they were the best scallops I have ever had! For dessert, we shared the chocolate mudslide. It was HUGE and yummy!

We had a 1:45 check-in at Capt. Andy’s Sailing Adventures , which was right beside the restaurant. We did the “Na Pali Dinner Sunset Tour”. It was the exact same tour as the “Star Class Dinner Sunset Sail” with the exception of the meal served and the price. Our tour was a delicious buffet-style with bread, salad, chicken teriyaki, steak tips with onions and onions, and rice. The other tour has a fancier meal, which, in my opinion, is not worth the extra $30. The tour was 4 hours long (2:30pm-6:30pm)

I cannot say enough great things about this tour! Our captain was awesome! We saw about a dozen whales and 50+ dolphins on our tour. Our captain went out of the way to make sure we saw these animals. The other boat, the more expensive one, made no detour whatsoever. They paid more and got less of an experience, not stopping for the sea life or the sunset. As soon as we took off, they put out pretzels and pineapple for us to snack on. They also had a cooler with juice, pop, and water, you could grab as many as you needed throughout the tour. The two guys on the crew helping, Paul and Brayden, took plates of food around for people and were constantly looking out for sea life to point out to us. They made sure everyone always had exactly what they needed, helped you across the boat if needed, and were just so so friendly! The first half of the tour is when we saw all the sea life, as we made our way to the awe-inspiring Na Pali Coast. Na Pali means “many cliffs”, you will see below in the pictures that this is very true. Unfortunately I was not able to get any videos or pictures of the whales, but it is not something I will ever forget! Once we made it to our halfway point and in front of the Na Pali Coast, we stopped and dinner was served. Along with dinner, the bar also opened with unlimited free drinks. The “Sneaky Tiki”, their signature drink, was so good. I had three or four. Haha. They kept the bar open for almost the entire way back. For dessert, they served cheesecake, which was also very good. After being docked for a little, we made our way back. We stopped once on the way back to watch the gorgeous sunset.

This tour was everything you would want on a Hawaiian sailing adventure!! Great captain, great crew, great food, great drinks, great scenery, great music. The entire atmosphere was so pleasing. It was the absolute perfect way to spend our last night on Kauai. Please, please make sure you book a sailing tour with Capt Andy’s on your visit. They do not disappoint!!

Just a heads up- Bring a coat, as it gets chilly on the boat with the wind. Also, you do go barefoot on the boat. You also may get wet… very wet. My husband and I were towards the front of the boat and at one point, I was also soaked, but I was having so much fun I didn’t care at all! You can stand places without the fear of getting wet, but, in my opinion, just go for it, it is worth it!