Happy New Year!

I just realized that I put a post out yesterday without acknowledging the new year. I cannot believe 2015 is over. Did it even happen? When I was younger, I was always told by older adults “Just wait, the older you get, the faster it goes!”. I never took that serious because, to me, time moved soo slowly. Think about it… Didn’t high school seem like it took forever? Even undergrad seemed to take forever when I was going through it. At the time it seemed like it was never going to end, but looking back now I do not feel like I should be 25 years old. I feel like my life has skipped ahead from when I was 18 to now.

I never plan New Years resolutions. I think that if you want something to change, you should start immediately. Do not wait for the beginning of the new year, new week, or new month. Start now! However, the start of the new year does make you look at the bigger picture of how your life is going and where you want to be. Did 2015 go as you hoped? Are you where you thought you would be a year ago? Has life changed or stayed the same? Did you start that new hobby you wanted to learn? Did you read enough books?

2015 was a big year of change for me. I got married February 28th. I planned my wedding in just 8 weeks. It was insane. Wedding planning and graduate thesis writing at once is not something I would recommend. Even with the stress and emotional roller coaster, I graduated with my Master of Public Health degree in April. My husband was deployed in May and I got to be there to see him off. I traveled with my family last summer to Wellsboro, PA to see the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and to New York City for the first time. I got to go to my favorite place in the world, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, twice this year. In September, I quit both of my jobs because I moved to Oahu in October. Not working is so weird to me because I got my first job when I turned 16 years old and didn’t stop working since then. Often times, especially during my undergraduate education, I was working 50 hours a week, while going to school full-time. My husband tried to ease my guilt of not working by saying I am on an “extended vacation” until we move back to PA. I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner for me, my husband, and his friends. My husband and I traveled to Kauai in December, which was so beautiful and fun! I also had my first Thanksgiving and Christmas ever away from my family, which was hard. I am glad we will  be back there for next Christmas. This year I have been in probably the best shape of my life, since high school, overall. I workout 5-7 days a week (for the most part, everyone has slack weeks here and there). I eat healthier than I ever have before.

So what do I hope 2016 will bring or what am I looking forward to this year? 1. A job- I started applying to places back in PA, so fingers crossed that I will find something between now and the summer. 2. Moving back home- Mid-summer, my husband will be leaving the Marine Corps and we will move back to PA. 🙂 3. Travel- Before we leave Hawaii, we plan to go to the Big Island for 5-7 days. We also want to do a cross country road trip before heading back to PA. 4. Enjoy the moment- I am a chronic planner. I think that is why I feel that times flies by because I am always looking ahead to what is next. I hope to start focus on the present more and stop being anxious for the next step.

I hope 2016 brings everyone exactly what they want in their life! 🙂