Life Update

Woah… So life happened and I stopped writing. Time to give a fast overview.

I moved back to PA March 2016 after I got hired at a health care facility. Hubs had until mid-July in the military, so he had to stay there. It sucked, but time went fast and now we are reunited for good!

I quit my first job, and got another at a food bank, which I love and am still working at now. 🙂 I am almost at my 1 year anniversary!!

Andre started school in January at a local community college. He starts summer classes in a few weeks, so no summer fun for him. :p

Hmm… We traveled! September: we went a road trip to Baltimore, Annapolis, DC, and Shenandoah National Park. October: we went to Niagara Falls. March: we went to Paris. Last week: we went to Cedar Point and Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I’ll blog about all that later.

No big summer plans for us. However, I am super excited because we will celebrate our birthdays in the same location for the first time EVER! Ah!

Until next time…✌