Why You Should Join A CSA

I love buying local. Decades ago, my town was booming. Now… not so much. However, there is hope on the horizon with a few new businesses popping up! That being said, I try to support local businesses and encourage other to do the same, so we can keep getting rid of these empty storefronts.

I also love buying local produce, which is why I was super excited to hear about the local CSA with Who Cooks For You Farm. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

What is a CSA? For a CSA, you “subscribe” to a local producer who offers the services. For a specified amount of weeks, you pick-up a weekly box of fresh, seasonal produce at a drop-off location. It is like Christmas to me! The farm that we have our membership with sends us a weekly email to tell us what is in our box. I anticipate that email every Thursday (our pick-up day).

We have bought into the larger box option with about 35 servings. Currently, we get the usual summers stuff (i.e. cucumbers, squash, lettuce), but we also have been able to try new items (i.e. senposai). If you like trying new things, this is obviously great. However, if you are a picky eater, time to expand your horizon!

So, why should you join a CSA?

  • You are able to support a local farmer
  • You receive fresh produce every week
  • You get to learn where you produce is coming from
  • You can often visit the farms and see their operations
  • You have the opportunity to try new items that you typically would not buy
  • You end up eating healthier since your fridge is full of veggies

Go see if there is a CSA available near you! 🙂