Prioritize Your Work-Life Balance

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We live in a world of constant connectivity. A decade or so ago, we could clock-out of work and go home to relax. Today, our technology keeps us constantly “plugged-in”. Most of us get email notification on our phones when we get an email from work. We think “Oh, I might as well look at this. It will only take a few seconds.”. And yes, it does only take a few seconds for that one email. However, what about the next one and all those following?

A work-life balance needs to be a priority. I am so fortunate to work at an organization that values this separation. Others, though, are not as fortunate. There are the worries “If I am not always available, my boss will not think I am a hard worker” or “I won’t get that promotion unless I put in this extra time.”.

Why do we let our jobs take over our lives on and off the clock? Why do we not expect and demand that our companies to respect our time out of work? Because we have let this happen. Yes, technology has wonderful qualities. However, we have let it consume our lives.

We need to unplug for ourselves.

Make effort to unplug. Prioritize your work-life balance. 

I speak from experience. I have worked multiple jobs at the same time since I was 18. When I started my first “career” position, I was only working two jobs. However, I got so burnt-out, which had never happened before. Why? Because I was working for a boss who did not respect my time outside of the office. I became depressed and having to go to work made me physically sick. I was lucky to find the position I am in now, and find my work-life balance.

I am not saying to quit your job right now. However, if are unhappy with your situation, start looking at job opportunities. Or if you do have a good relationship with your boss, have a conversation with them. Maybe that conversation will also open their eyes to their own lifestyle.

We live one life. We need to live it for ourselves, not our employers. 

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