How To Use Google Calendar To Create Habits

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Getting into habits can be hard. While we may have the best intentions to start doing a task, we often forget about it until we are about to go to sleep at night. This has happened to me often. I wanted to meditate more or practice a language on Duolingo, but I could never get into the daily habit.

Enter Google Calendar. ❤

I was never an e-calendar person. I was faithful to my purse planner that I wrote everything in. However, when I began my new job, I had many reoccurring events. I decided to give Google Calendar a try  rather than writing these events over and over again in my planner. Little did I know that this calendar could change my entire habit structure.

I use Google Calendar daily. It serves as my task list, work calendar, and personal calendar.

How did I take this tool and simply use it to change my habits?

One simple step: Scheduling reoccurring events

How this all started for me was prior to going to Paris, I wanted to learn French. However, I could not remember to practice daily. So, I created an event at 9pm every day that said “French”.  That was it. This prompted me to practice every single day.

I do this for meditating and working out daily now, as well. In addition, I use this for weekly events, such as writing my blog posts and studying for my health coach certification exam.

At the end are examples of my July calendar and a view of my Monday August 7th.

My daily calendar will be most useful to you. For this to work, you need to put much of your life on the calendar. Note how I have the hours that I will be working. This allows me to build my days.

Say, you want to start working out ever day (or even 4-5 days a week), planning ahead and scheduling it, makes it more likely that you will complete the task.

Make an appointment with yourself for whatever activity you want to do. While you initially make the reoccurring appointment at a certain time, you can move it around to fit your schedule day by day. If one day you need to work out at 5am and another day at 5pm, change the appointment to match you. These appointments should be as important as a meeting for work.

Typically, I go through on Sundays and edit my calendar to fit my weekly needs. I also delete events as needed, such as if I am not going to work out one of the days. If you need a reminder for this too, put it on your calendar weekly!

I also utilize this for tasks too. Do I need to meal prep? Put it on the calendar. Laundry? Put it on the calendar. Hell, I have even put on there to paint my nails! Haha.

What is great about using Google Calendar is that you can access it anywhere you log into your Google account. Therefore, you won’t lose it when you switch phones!

As I said, this is a simple tool. However, it can greatly assist you in meeting your goals.

What do you plan to schedule on your calendar?