An Afternoon in Butler County, PA

I took 3 weekdays off of work earlier this month. Andre and I had no major plans, but wanted to do some outdoorsy things. He picked out a restaurant and a hike one of the days, and off we went!

Our first stop was lunch at a local restaurant called The Chop Shop. We have been wanting to try this restaurant and it did not disappoint! The atmosphere of the restaurant is super trendy, as if it should be located in Pittsburgh rather than the town of Butler (nothing against Butler since it is a great town). They have vegetarian options for those who want a good burger without the meat (like me)! They have a great selection of menu items. We both got the vegetarian option, the “Black Bean Burger”. My oh my! It had fried mac and cheese and a delicious lemon/avocado vinaigrette. Sometimes black beans burgers can be dry, but this was far from it! Also, it was large enough for two meals. For dessert, they have huge pieces of delicious, homemade cheesecake. Make sure you save room for some or get it to take it home!

Our main event of the day was hiking at McConnells Mill State Park. There are several great hiking trails to choose from when visiting. We chose the Kildoo Trail, a 3.3 mile loop trail. After turning off of 422, you park at the parking lot at the intersection of McConnells Mill Road and Johnson Road. The trail starts right across the road. It follows the creek and offers great views and boulders to (carefully) climb on. As you walk on the trail, you pass the Old Mill, which is open to visitors Wednesdays through Sundays from 10:30-3:30 from Memorial Day through late September. There is also a covered bridge at the mill, which offers a great photo opportunity. The first part of the trail is easy. There were dogs and children utilizing the trail.  However, after Eckert Bridge (the halfway point), it can be kind of unsteady footing, especially if it is slippery, so I would list it as “moderate”.