Falling In Love With Albuquerque and Santa Fe

Oh New Mexico, what a lovefest.

Andre and I took a six day trip to Albuquerque in June for a trip for my job. Luckily, the work part was only for two of the days.

We had the BEST time. I fell madly in love with the beauty of New Mexico.

Let me talk about this magical place….

Old Town
Old Town has a mix of upscale art shops and touristy spots. It was a good way to ease into the trip on our first day there. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, there is a tour that is on an RV identical to the one on the show. Bullet holes on the door and all. The place that you have to go to is CHURCH STREET CAFE!!! Andre and I loved it so much that we ate there for two meals in a row. Haha. Be sure to get the sopapillas at the end of the meal. Delicious! There is also a cool old church.

All the Breaking Bad stuff! Haha.

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument
Respectfully access the monument through the tribal land of the Cochiti pueblo. This hike the absolutely beautiful. The rare rock formation is from volcanic eruptions more than six million years ago that left layers of ash, pumice, and tuff. Wind and water erosion created the light-coloured banded beige and gray formations whose unusual shape comes from harder caprock shielding softer, easily eroded rock underneath. It took about two hours to do the Canyon Trail and Crater Loop. My suggestion is to get there early. We were the second people up to the top and were able to witness the views in silence. There is only a $5 entry fee, which is so worth it (actually it is too cheap).

Petroglyph National Monument

We did the short Boca Negra Canyon Hike at Petrogylph National Monument. Meh… it was okay at best.

From the top vantage point

Sandia Peak Tramway
Take the tram 2.7 miles (15 minute) to the Sandia Peak. Sunset is the perfect time to go! If you go earlier in the day, you can ride up the tram and hike down (or vise versa).

Meow Wolf
Weird name, right? This immersive and interactive experience is super funky. I don’t want to give too much away, but there is a story line to follow and things to find as you make your way through this exhibit. I wish that I could have came back here one more time because there is a lot to see and do.

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
Vaginas. Georgia O’Keeffe had her creative ways to pay homage to the mighty female feature. She also has amazing pieces that are not vagina or breast-related. 🙂 This museum does a great job featuring the work of this feminist icon. My husband is not a huge fan of museums (especially art), but he really enjoyed this.

Flamenco Dancing
Flamenco is big in Albuquerque. Andre and I got tickets to see Tabloa Flamenco at Hotel Albuquerque. What an experience! We splurged and got a table front and center. The dances and musicians were phenomenal. You could feel the emotions in the air as the performers gave their all. You are able to get snacks and drinks as you watch the show. As it should be, no videos or photos allowed.

Hot Air Balloon
“We are flying!”. We did this on our very last morning. After seeing the balloons in the air all week from our hotel, I was so excited for our turn! Albuquerque is the place to go on hot air balloon rides due to the perfect weather for it. We went with the company “World Balloon“, and loved our experience. Our pilot, Murray, was hilarious and made the ride so fun. We were able to watch the sunrise while up in the air. It was amazing. We also got snacks and mimosas afterwards. Mmm.

Honorable Food Mentions: Milkshakes at Duran Pharmacy, Taco Cabana (fast food), breakfast at Flying Star Cafe, Tomasita’s, and Palacio Cafe in Santa Fe.

I so can’t wait to go back and discover more of New Mexico!