Hi! My name is Tabbi.

I was born and raised a small town girl in Western Pennsylvania (Greater Pittsburgh area), where my husband and I now live. My husband was in the Marine Corps for eight years. During that time, I earned my Bachelor of Arts, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Public Health in Pennsylvania. I was fortunate to be able to live with him in Kaneohe, Hawaii for 5 months while I was job searching. Now, he is out and it is his time to complete his education.

I am currently working a few jobs. My full-time job is in the nonprofit sector. I also work casually in the health care industry, and as a public health consultant for a government organization. I am an ACE Health Coach and am currently establishing a business plan. I also am an active volunteer in my community.

Why all this info about me? Because many of us lead busy lives (full-time “9-5” jobs, families, friends, community commitments, etc). Our schedules are always filled, and we are always rushing to do something/be somewhere. It can be overwhelming and make life seem like a blur. I do not travel full-time. I do not work for myself full-time. Despite my many jobs, I do not have an overabundance of money.

I created this blog as a place for those who live busy lives to gather ideas on recipes, health, travel, and life.

Taking a nice vacation or eating healthy or having an exercise regimen is possible.

I am just a girl in a tiny town, who has made a conscious effort to make life more than work and putting others before myself.

Let’s learn to balance our lives together.




P.S. I will have many posts that are specific to Western PA and the surrounding areas. While, they may be specific to my location. It is a great way to think about what local offerings are close to you. Is there a park close by that you never go to or is there a cool museum an hour or two away you’ve been wanting to visit? Travel does not have to be far and exotic. You can find plenty of fun in your own backyard!